Hey there…..I post occasionally cuz I am not the kind of guy that wants to tell folks when I floss my teeth and when I am going to bed.   So….In about 2 days it will be a year since I departed the Old Country for Orient.  A decision I have not for one moment regretted. In fact, many days I wonder why it took me so long to get here. Wait a minute…a year…that’s ridiculous!

Some memorable moments…..

My first two nights of total jet lag here…watching NBA games on national TV at 3am with the kids bouncing around

My first tutor lesson and the trip home….you can read the post.

Christmas with 70 degree weather.


Climbing up to the world’s lowest glacier

Eating Yak meat and loving it.

Almost crying in the fetal position when trying to learn the language

Father son trip of a lifetime

Making some good friends at school

Dona Donuts, Salavdor’s, Silver Spoon, Samona

Grandma coming to town

Stone Forrest

My jam with Marko in front of 100 or so people

1st trip to the hospital

The Office seasons 1-4 consumed in a  couple of weeks and the warm tears that flowed as a result

Family scooter rides (5 people on one bike)=got us in the newspaper

Bus and taxi rides


I have only seen 3 other foreigners outside my complex since arriving.

In on my several visits to Wal-Mart (yes our city will have 4 next year) I’ve never seen another white face

Wal-Mart’s are taking over this city

Traffic gets worse every day

I like it here, we like it here

Weather is awesome

I miss driving (with a Tim Horton’s and good music)

Detroit traffic isn’t so bad all things considered

My kids blonde hair is strange here

We made a good decision to come

I miss hanging out with friends that speak English

I don’t miss much…that surprises me the most