December 2008

We had a great Christmas with friends and family. Oh, and lots of cookies.

D got to sell some of mom’s goods to local shop owners. He sold out in 10 min. He was really happy. The barber down the street ordered another batch the day after. Molasses seems to be the hit followed closely by snicker doodles. The folks love to decorate the cookies here. It’s a pretty new concept.

B a few weeks ago almost went into the local lake. After Christmas shopping we went to a lake and rented out a paddle boat. We had a great time pedaling around the lake …well I pedaled an they played. It was fun. As we were coming back to dock the boat Baden reached out and grabbed at pole in the middle of the lake. But, he forgot to let go so as the boat powered forward he went horizontal. D yelled “Dad B’s going into the water!!!” There was a collective gasp from the multitude of curious onlookers and Davis jumped out forward to grab him… I rushed too and pulled him by his shirt to the safety of the front of the boat. Only his boot got filled with water. From that day on older brother has had the upper hand by using the phrase ” I am a boy scout and I saved your life….” He has tried to secure some favors from this.

I went to the dentist a few weeks ago. I was in the chair for 1 1/2 hours. The issue was when I went to driver’s class I had KFC for lunch. Whilst chomping on a chicken fillet I felt and heard a large crunching sound. Later I found out half of my molar was gone. I guess folks were right about Coke rotting your teeth out. Well back to my story. The dude built a new molar, replaced a filling and stuff all for about 60 bucks. Not bad….

My wife went to a mini golf course to give a demonstration of home baked Christmas cookies. The owner had lots of high roller friends over to show off this home tradition. The folks really liked decorating. They gave my wife a hamburger for lunch as payment. You could make a career out of cooking demonstrations.

School is still going…. I skipped Christmas Eve class. No way dude.

Hope your Holidays are restful.

Been wanting to post but just been flat out….

Mom’s Birthday Report-

We took Mom to breakfast.  She got a Feta Cheese Omelet.  I forgot to have the kids buy her something.  I also didn’t give her something to unwrap.  Maybe not the best decisions I’ve made.

Driving Class-

I went to a 5 hour driving class.  It was a review class on test questions.  Glad I did it.  I was unaware that one should give salty water to someone who has been burned in a car wreck.

Davis’s Birthday Report

I and a friend took Davis and his friends on a camping trip.  The weather was perfect.  We took two taxi’s to the camping area. Then we marched up the vertical hill to our spot.   The kids loved to just muck around the small area.

Mostly, they shot the crossbow and slingshot up there. Can’t believe no one got hurt.   It was fun just to be out of the city and see the sunset.  I was the host so I got busy setting up the tent.  Thankfully, I color coded the thing so it went up pretty quick. For years I have been trying to beat my personal best of 20 min’s at putting those blasted things together.   I then got on food detail.   I should have watched the hot dogs on the grill closely as the camp dogs ate about four of my favorite chicken franks.

After dinner it was ghost story time.   That lasted for a short time.  Then I unveiled the most crass thing ever for outdoor camping.  I whipped out my laptop and we watched Star Wars “The Clone Wars”.  My friend suggested this as we were leaving the house.  It turned out to be a success….the kids loved it.

I didn’t sleep much as my Baden and I shared a bag.

We did a short hike up the mountain in the morning. We didn’t go too far but we stopped at a shack for some tea eggs and potatoes.

Got home later that afternoon and had chicken dinner.

Baden’s birthday is next.   It’s gonna be low key.