3-3-08 12:30PM

Almost Paradise—that’s what’s on the soundsystem here at the Internet café

I am having a BLT and coffee.  I am having the coffe cuz it is freezing in here the servers are all wearing their winter coats.  After I write this post I am going to study my language book until it is time to bike across town to my tutors.

2-26-08—3-1 2008

That week can be summed up as flat out….

Monday I started school.  I really like it.  We have a small class.  5 guys and  our teacher is in her mid thirties.  We go from 10:20 to 12.   We all are very motivated and it is a good learning environment.  The combo of her teaching everyday and my tutor 3 days a week gives me a glimmer of hope…. Besides starting my classes I had the 101 internship with the folks we are partnered with here.  It was awesome.

The internship was more like getting a blood transfusion as one of the other interns stated.  We got injected with a passion and a hope for our work here.  The stories we heard were very encouraging.  We got a great perspective of what has gone on before us. There is a great foundation for us to build on.  If only there were more workers!

Saturday was nuts.  My stinkin phone woke me up with a text message from the phone company at 6AM.  I couldn’t read the thing, rats….Well I got ready and started painting the new place.  Some friends dropped in about 10AM.  We got a lot done and put a goodly amount of paint of the floor too. The boys room got finished thanks to my friend from New Zealand.  Both her and her husband know how to work!  

After the painting party…oh wait…the best party about gathering was my wife made some food….awesom food that is…  Homeade sausage quiche, Egg and broccoli bake, cinnamon buns with coffee frosting, peach cobbler, homemade granola with muleberry/strawberry yogurt…..It was a feast.  Some liked chowing down on our patio as it was a very warm day.

The Loft…..later after I scrubbed the paint off…I got to play drums at a cool place in town.  The loft has a cool Lower East Side feel and good coffee.  250-75 people showed up to see a classical piano and violin concert. The closer for the gig was some Irish jigs. That’s when I hopped on to the stage and did my thing on the tubs.   It was short and sweet. My arms were shot from carrying the drums down 6 flights, out to a taxi and then into the Loft. So I was no Keith Moon that night. But honestly the music that night was amazing….  I almost had a dog meat kabob for the after gig meal but I didn’t have time….or maybe I didn’t make time?  I got home and I was knackered


It ended up raining while I was in the café.  A really good rain!  I got pretty moist going to my tutors place.  The big trick was trying to avoid huge puddles whilst not crashing into other people, bikes or scooters.  The ride home after my tutor’s lesson was wild.  The traffic was gridlocked for 4 of the 5 miles home.  Mud and goop everywhere…I almost hit the deck a couple times….Glad I didn’t take a car today!   FYI I ride a bike here.  When I’m at full speed I am just as fast as most all the scooters.