August 2007

Me wifey and I had quite a chuckle.  We had Switchfoot’s song playing in the CD player “This Ain’t My American Dream”….Whilst driving down the road in a red Miata convertible munching on hot McDonald’s fries and a large Coke….

This video shows the tatics of cycling up close, Bob Roll’s crazy 80’s haircut, the first US cycling team 7-11 and the first American to win the Tour of Italy my boy Andy.  Vintage CBS coverage with Phil calling the race

Netflix has given the opportunity to see some videos this year. Here are the ones that have gripped me thus far in 07.

 #1 God Grew Tired of Us- This one had me laughing out loud and on the verge of tears. The story of the Lost Boys is an epic journey in overcoming.

#2 Born into Brothels- a story of children overcoming

#3 Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary- a harrowing account of Hilter’s last days given by his personal admin

#4 Jesus Camp–an outside look a pentacostalism (with a good soundtrack)

#5 Infernal Affairs- (let me clarify it is an Asian cop thriller)

#6 Mountain Patrol-Tibetans protect animals against confounding odd and poachers

#7 Will of the People–Leni’s project to enshrine the cult of personality of Hitler

#8 Metallica: Some Kind of Monster-Seeing the human side of this huge band in particular James was compelling…light years away from Cliff ‘Em All.

#9 Mute Math- Flesh and Bones—my fav band up close

#10 The Illusionist

This list is not in any real order